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Seaweed Meal

Hand-harvested from the Atlantic coast of Ireland then dried and milled with no added ingredients. A slow-release fertiliser and soil conditioner, rich in trace elements and amino acids. Regular dressings stimulate microbial activity, improving soil structure and fertility. It promotes healthy growth and increased yield in fruit and vegetables, longer-lasting, richer coloured flowers and is particularly beneficial applied to grass, stimulating strong root and leaf growth. A slow-acting long lasting plant food particularly rich in trace elements. It is a soil-conditioner which helps to build up the humus structure of the soil. Apply on the surface and lightly rake in up to 3 months before planting by which time it will have been broken down by the soil bacteria. Also, an excellent lawn food giving strong growth and rich colour. Apply 70-140 grams per square metre. Typical Analysis: 1.5% N, 2.5% K2O. 62% humus forming material and alginates. DELIVERY TO UK MAINLAND ONLY. Available: 5kg or 25kg.

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