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VegTrug 1m

VegTrug 1m No more kneeling and ideal for the elderly and wheelchair users. The VegTrug offers a stylish way to grow delicious, nutritious fresh vegetables on your patio! VegTrug allows you to create a productive miniature vegetable garden on your patio with a sturdy and attractive raised growing platform.. It provides a veg patch at

Seed Trays and Propagator Lids – Half Size

Tough, top quality seed trays that will give you years of good service. Now with strong rims for extra rigidity and improved 2 tier drainage. Half-size tray: Size Check: 23cm (9) Long 17cm (6.5) Wide 6cm (2.5) High Half size lid: Size Check: 23cm (9) Long 17cm (6.5) Wide 6.5cm (2.5) High Half size lids

Frost Protection Fleece

Versatile all year weather protection for your plants and seedlings. Our insulating garden fleece will protect crops from frost, wind and cold during the winter and serves as protection from pests and birds. Due to its unique construction it regulates the temperature through day and night (18GSM, white spun bonded PP fabric.) Sizes Available: 2m

Stainless Steel Easy Hose

Stainless Steel Easy Hose If you are looking for a long-lasting hassle-free garden hose, then this is the perfect piece of gardening equipment by garden gear is for you! Made from high-quality stainless steel, this hose will be kink-resistant, pierce and weather resistant, giving you peace of mind when using and storing, similarly to a

Plant Ring Supports

Perfect for growing gladioli, dahlias, chrysanthemums, lilies, delphiniums, paeonies, and many more plants that require support, each of these plant support rings simply attaches to a cane and can be moved up the cane to support the plant as it grows. Made from rustproof polypropylene. Available in following sizes: 30cm (12") diameter Pack of 6

Plant Support Rings

Keep your garden peas and other climbing plants upright as they become established with these Easy to use galvanised plant support rings. Perfect for training stems onto trellis and wires, these durable rings can be used year after year.  Measure:35mm in diameter.

Horticultural Sharp Sand

This versatile product has many uses, every gardener should have a bag of sharp sand to hand!  Mix it with compost to create a free draining mix for seed sowing or rooting cuttings. It will improve drainage on the lawn or break up heavy soils, use as a base for laying paving slabs. Wherever you

Tomato Rubylicious

Tomato Rubylicious shows excellent blight resistance so your plants won’t be struck down before they get to their best.  What makes this variety so special is its incredible sweetness and rich, tangy flavour. This disease-resistant, new cherry tomato is the perfect mix of modern and good, old fashioned taste! Each truss will produce up to

7.2V Power Trimming Shears

7.2V Power Trimming Shears Trim back and tidy up bushes with ease with the 7.2V Power Trimming Shears from Garden Gear! They can shape hedges and cut lawn edges too! Powered by a lithium-ion battery, these magnificent trimming shears offer complete cordless freedom, so there is no need to worry about staying close to a

Wooden Barrel Effect Plastic Planters

These traditional and rustic oak barrel design planters are made from durable and weather resistant plastic. Available in three sizes – Small 33cm diameter, 20.5cm high. Medium 44cm diameter, 27cm high. Large 63cm diameter, 37cm high.

Decorative Bark

Spread bark chippings over weed control fabric to create an attractive finish to beds and borders or simply use it as a mulch to retain moisture by laying it directly on the soil so this Decorative Bark has a multitude of uses in the garden! They make a superb surface for paths and play areas

Deluxe Classic 6’5 Greenhouse – Smokey Grey

Deluxe Classic 6’5 Greenhouse – Smokey Grey Designed to provide as much growing space as a small conventional greenhouse, but in a much more compact footprint, the Chatsworth greenhouse opens up a range of possibilities for customers put o? from having a large greenhouse that dominates the garden. Unlike a conventional walk-in greenhouse, everything is

RHS British Bloom Collection -Trowel and Fork Gift Set

This beautiful gift set of RHS-endorsed trowel and fork makes a simply lovely gift for a gardening loved one. Part of the stunning new ‘British Bloom’ collection in the RHS Gifts for Gardeners series, this eye-catching set features a beautifully bold design of dahlias and peonies, some of the most beloved blooms in the garden.

Strawberry Table Top – Matt Black

This clever strawberry table top supports 2 x 1m grow bags (approximately 10 plants per bag) to produce three successive crops over a three year period before plants and compost need to be replaced. It makes growing strawberries easier, with larger and better quality fruit produced compared with traditional methods of growing. Bottom shelf 50cm,

VegTrug 1m Wall Hugger

VegTrug 1m Wall Hugger All the benefits of a VegTrug for smaller spaces! A superb addition to our popular VegTrug range. The Wall Huggers have all the amazing benefits of the original VegTrug but are only 46cm (18) deep. This makes them ideal for narrow spaces, against a wall, where space is at a premium.

Original Veggie Bed

This super-strong, steel raised bed can be set up in any one of six shapes. The chic modular planter provides a modern and stylish take on galvanised trough planters. Made from extremely durable Zincalume® steel with Colourbond coating so it lasts up to four times longer than regular galvanised steel. Choose the shape that suits

Garden Life Acacia Folding Steamer Deck Chair

Garden Life Acacia Steamer Deck Chair Create the perfect haven to sit back and enjoy a cup of tea while admiring all your handiwork in the garden with this stunning, Acacia Hardwood steamer deck chair from Garden Life. The attractive and classic design will add a sophisticated aesthetic to your outdoor area, which will give

Willow Fence Screen Roll 100X400

Add texture and colour to your garden with this roll of willow cane screening. Perfect for disguising fences, walls and bins, it can also be used to create private spaces in your garden for benches, tables, hot tubs and spas or alternately use over arbours and pergolas to create soft shaded areas beneath. This screening

Child Safe Water Butt, Rain Trap & Stand

A tough, and well-proven water butt design from Harcostar, complete with lid and tap. Downpipe connector and linking hose can be purchased separately. The lid has a unique child safety feature – simple for adults to open, once you know how! Capacity 227 litres (50 gallons). Height 96cm (38"); diameter 60cm (24"). 5 Year guarantee.

Seed Trays – Full Size

Tough, top quality seed trays that will give you years of good service. Now (bar quarter size) with strong rims for extra rigidity and improved 2 tier drainage. Full size Trays: 36 x 22 x 6cm (14 x 8½" x 2¼"). PACK of 5. Full size lids for these trays available separately.