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Bumper Garden Collection

Bumper Garden Collection All the bedding plants you need in one AMAZING collection! The Bumper Garden Collection is the ideal selection of flower plants for planting in annual beds and borders for a wave of colour. This generous collection of bedding plants can also fill your window boxes, patio pots and hanging baskets for an

Alstroemeria Summer Trio

Alstroemeria Summer Trio A fabulous trio of exotic-looking Peruvian Lilies! Alstroemerias are prized for their long-stemmed blooms that make magnificent cut flowers. This superb collection will provide colour in borders and patio containers from June right through to November, with plenty to spare for summer bouquets!

Amaryllis Hippeas Picotee

A touch of class and refinement form a very showy species. Amaryllis ?Picotee? displays large white, trumpet shaped blooms with a fine red edge on each petal, giving each flower a distinctive border. Amaryllis are always a favourite indoor plant, ideal for windowsills and conservatories, renowned for their impressive blooms, and flowers during the winter

Sage Tricolour

The perfect evergreen, shrubby herb to add a splash of colour to part shady position in the garden. Producing foliage flushed with purple, white and pink, this herb not only looks good, it smells it too! You’ll even be rewarded with violet-blue flowers in early summer, perfect for bees and pollinators.

Herb Thyme Common

One of the most useful kitchen herbs, this aromatic, evergreen thyme will grow almost anywhere in containers, rock gardens, borders, and even cracks in paving. Ideal for creating low, bushy groundcover that will attract bees to the tiny, pink blooms. Thyme is particularly useful in coastal areas where it copes well with winds and dry

Herb Parsley Flat Leaf

French Parsley is a good culinary variety, it has stronger flavour than the curled variety and generally preferred by chefs. Also, having flat leaves means the plants will survive through the winter better than curled varieties. Perfect in sauces or as a garnish. Supplied in 9cm pots.

Herb Plant – Chives

Herb Plant – Chives Chives are the must-have perennial for any home-grown herb garden. An undemanding perennial and member of the onion family, ‘Chives’ are the essential addition to any homegrown herb garden. ‘Chives’ are easy to grow and return year after year. This herb plant also does a great job of attracting pollinators such

Basil Sweet Genovese

Essential for authentic Italian cuisine, this sweet basil is one of the most popular varieties, with a strong scent and distinctive fresh flavour. Try growing Basil on the kitchen windowsill or in convenient containers outside the back door. Height: 45cm (18). Spread: 30cm (12).

Jasminum officinale ‘Clotted Cream’

Jasmine officinale Clotted Cream has masses of creamy-yellow, star shaped flowers that decorate this deciduous climber in summer. Grow close to paths and let it create a fragrant tangle to cover walls and fences while it perfumes the summer air with its exquisite fragrance and appreciate it as you walk by. Height and spread: 5m

Thyme Doone Valley

Thyme ?Doone Valley? is a subtly lemon scented thyme with dark green foliage with splashes of yellow. It even produces little lavender pink blooms in the summer. This variety of thyme is a must have for the herb garden. It is popular for roasts, stews, sauces, and marinades. Plant up in a position where it

Rosemary Corsican

Rosemary ‘Corsican’ is a compact rosemary with a semi-trailing habit perfect for cascading over walls, steps and rockeries or tumbling from containers. In spring and early summer, it bears an abundance of bright blue flowers. Rosemary ‘Corsican’ is one of the strongest varieties of this essential culinary herb and is perfect for casseroles, lamb dishes,

Garden Mint

The easy to grow perennial herb that you won?t get enough of. A must-have for any herb garden, this tasty plant will make the perfect addition to drinks, salads, as a garnish or with the great roast lamb.

Herb Plant – Moroccan Mint

Tea is served all day in Morocco so it will come at no surprise that this mint is perfect for tea! ‘Moroccan Mint’ is the perfect compact herb bursting full of spearmint flavour. A hardy perennial this herb plant will thrive in a container pot sat on a sunny patio. It will also produce lilac

Tomato Plants – San Marzano 2

The very best of the plum tomatoes, this famous Italian heirloom variety has been grown by connoisseurs for over a century. The low water content makes it perfect for cooking, adding rich flavour to passatas, pasta sauces and pizzas. It grows indoors or out, although you’ll ripen the fruit more reliably with the warmth of

Phormium Yellow Wave

Phormium Yellow Wave is an evergreen perennial with yellow-green foliage with mid-green stripes. In the summer, tubular red flowers will pop up adding more colour and adding to its striking appearance. These versatile perennials are ideal for planting in beds, borders, and patio containers. it will appreciate full sun and at times some shade. They

Begonia Rex Trio – Gift

Add a splash of colour to shaded rooms. Our Begonia rex Trio features 3 distinctive cultivars with beautifully patterned leaves. They may look exotic, but these shade loving house plants are surprisingly easy to grow.Height 30cm (12in). Supplied as 12cm potted plant in a two tone ceramic pot (designs may vary).Please note: Some houseplants are

Levington® Tomorite® Giant Planter With Seaweed

With Levington’s Giant Tomato Planter, get your tomatoes off to the best start. With 3 planting slots, this extra deep grow bag allows plenty of space for each plant to develop. Unlike most grow bags, this one comes pre-mixed with Tomorite tomato food and added seaweed extract to promote vigorous, healthy growth, better root development

Raspberry Summer Lovers Late

Raspberry Summer Lovers Late, years of breeding have created this productive dwarf variety which is perfectly suited to patio pots so enjoy your fruits in your cereal for breakfast or just snack on them as you pass. As it becomes dormant in February it will need cutting back to ground level. Beautiful for baking with,

Nerine Bowdenii Isabel

An explosion of colour to rejuvenate tired late-autumn borders! These autumn flowering Nerines bear bright pink, blooms on sturdy stems that make dramatic cut flowers at a time when other blooms are scarce. Dark-pink flowers add bold statement to borders and patio pots, and contrast beautifully with paler blooms.

Miscanthus Indian Summer

Miscanthus Indian Summer is tall, fast growing, low maintenance grass plant with a wonderful bronze tint, perfect for adding late-season colour, height and structure to any border or gravel garden. A strong and sturdy ornamental grass with upright stems rise above the orange leaves,  topped with plumes of soft feathery flowers looking superb in the