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Herb Plant – Chives

Herb Plant – Chives Chives are the must-have perennial for any home-grown herb garden. An undemanding perennial and member of the onion family, ‘Chives’ are the essential addition to any homegrown herb garden. ‘Chives’ are easy to grow and return year after year. This herb plant also does a great job of attracting pollinators such as bees and butterflies that can’t resist their delicate pink blooms. Supplied in a 9 cm pot, this herb plants edible flowers and leaves make them irresistibly indispensable for garnishing your favourite dishes. Chives are particularly favourable in salads, egg mayonnaise sandwiches, and creamy sauces. Create delicious herb gardens in your edging paths and borders, an excellent companion plant, they also deter pests. Start your home-grown herb garden today, a must-have herb for any keen gardener. Why do we love chives? Chives are a nutrient-dense herb. A herb that is low in calories but very high in beneficial nutrients They are the perfect herb for garnishing!

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