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Vegetable Bumper Collection

Enjoy your best ever onion harvest with our Vegetable Bumper Collection, containing five onion and garlic varieties chosen for their quality, reliability and range of harvesting times to meet all your kitchen needs. Vegetable Bumper Collection comprises one pack of each of the following varieties:Onion ‘Autumn Champion’ (autumn planting) – An exceptional autumn-planting variety, producing relatively mild yet flavoursome golden-brown onions from late July onwards. The round, firm bulbs will store until the end of the year! (250g)Onion ‘Centurion’ (autumn planting) – A vigorous, AGM-winning variety with great long storage potential, producing high yields of golden onions from June onwards. (250g)Onion ‘Troy’ (autumn planting) – A slightly flattened, flavoursome Japanese variety that triumphs over disease, bolting and wet winters. Expect high yields from late May until July. (250g)Onion ‘Jet Set’ (organic, spring planting) – A fast-maturing, bolt-resistant golden onion producing high-quality round bulbs for harvesting in July and August. (250g)Garlic ‘Picardy Wight’ (spring planting) – A highly flavoursome softneck variety that is well suited to the British climate. Harvested from mid-July onwards, the bulbs will store until the following May! (2 bulbs) 

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