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Bumblebee Villa and Colony plus Replacement Colony

Good pollination will improve both the yield and the quality of crops. The native British Bumblebee, Bombus terrestris Audax, is a far more efficient pollinator than the honey bee, being prepared to fly in cool, windy or damp conditions. They are docile and will only sting if severely aggravated, and are routinely used commercially for the pollination of many fruit and vegetable crops. Our Bumblebee Villa is handmade in the UK from FSC timber, with wooden legs to raise it off the ground, rear ventilation hole and a detachable wooden roof with grey, rough felt finish for weather protection. It comes complete with a large bumblebee hive colony that consists of a queen, 50-60 workers, eggs, sugar water food supply and a small amount of pollen to help the bees during their transportation. Height 33cm (13"); Width 39cm (15½"); Length/Depth 34.5cm (13½"). PLEASE NOTE: The Bumblebee Villa will be despatched within 21 days of ordering with a Colony voucher enclosed to redeem from the beginning of next season, end of MAY 2021. Bumblebees have a shorter life cycle than honey bees and do not overwinter. However new queens will be produced that will create colonies of their own in the local environment. And next year you can simply order a new colony to populate your villa. PLEASE NOTE: When ordering these products an email address is required. Unfortunately due to both these items being live products we cannot send to Ireland, Southern Ireland, Isle of Wight, Isle of Scilly and the Channel Islands.

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