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Wooden Insect Hotel

Wooden Insect Hotel This wooden insect hotel from Garden Life is perfect for providing a safe space for insects to shelter in away from predators such as bats. It features a variety of hollow tubes in a range of shapes and sizes for insects to nest in, catering to all small bugs. The metal roof is slanted to prevent rainwater from collecting and also provides space for insects to hang underneath. There are several different compartments, each designed with a different insect in mind. The top chamber is filled with soft wood to attract earwigs; there are bamboo and hollow wood sections for bees, ladybirds and other small insects and a thin chamber in the centre to provide room for lacewings or butterflies. The overhanging roof is also perfectly shaped for butterflies to hang from to shelter from bad weather or predators. As well as providing a safe environment for a huge range of bugs, this insect hotel also offers an educational opportunity for children. They are able to see a variety of different insects up close, learning about their behaviour and interactions with each other without disturbing them. Specifications: Weight: 2kg No assembly required Dimensions: L29 x W9 x H38cm

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