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1400W Electric Tiller

Electric Tiller 1400W This 1400W electric tiller is perfect for vegetable gardening enthusiasts. It can dig holes, level ground, clear weeds, mix compost and feed into the soil and prepare furrows for seed sowing. The tiller has two separate easy-grip handles, which enables the user to guide it carefully and easily amongst growing crops. The powerful 1400W motor drives four robust and sturdy tines, that can deal with hard and compacted soils, to ensure your allotment or vegetable patch has well aerated and healthy soil, to maximise plant growth. Without the need for traditional garden tools, such as spades, hoes and garden forks, it can till an area 40cm width by 22cm depth. The more times the tiller is pushed through some soil, the finer and lighter the soil particles will become. A two-point safety switch prevents accidental start-up, and the tiller has to overheat protection and all external metal parts are double insulated. The power cord is 10 metres long and red in colour, for maximum visibility. There is a cable tidy for tidy storage. Specification Dimensions: L41 x W47.5 x H137.5cm Weight: 12.05kg Electric motor: 1400W Voltage: 230-240V Idle speed: 380 RPM Power cord length: 10m Working width: 40cm Working depth: 22cm Self-assembly required

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