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Greenman Midi Handled Tools

These tools are the perfect length to save your back! They feature beautifully sculpted 50cm (20") long ash handles resulting in a perfectly balanced range of tools. 3 Prong Cultivator – With three sharpened arrowhead-shaped stainless steel tines on a heavy duty stainless steel tang, plus a sculptured ash wood handle, this is the ideal weeding tool. Length 68cm; Width 7.5cm; Weight 475g. Dandelion Weeder – A traditional tool sometimes called the fishtail weeder which is extremely effective for removing dandelions and other tap-rooted weeds from the garden borders and paths. The ash handle and stainless steel rocker allow the ‘fish tail’ to lift and pry dandelions taproots out of the ground. Length 72cm; Width: 5cm; Weight 464g. Onion Hoe – Combines an elegant stainless steel swan neck with a curvaceous ash handle to produce a hand-held hoe that can get right to the back of borders and raised beds without overreaching. Length 68cm; Width 7cm; Weight 433g. Trasnplanting Trowel – Ash handle and narrow sharpened blade for planting out, or removing weeds in tight spaces. Length 71cm; Width 6cm; Weight 457g. Trowel – Strong lipped socket and a generously proportioned ash handle to the deep -dished hand trowel which is a well-built versatile tool for using in the potting shed. Length 71cm; Width 8cm; Weight 550g. Weed Fork – The companion to the ash handle trowel. The same balanced handle, lipped socket and high carbon stainless steel this patterned weed fork is an essential tool for digging, weeding and planting tasks. Length 71cm; Width 8cm; Weight 477g.

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