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RHS Recovery

Recovery is the product to use if your lawn has been under stress either due to drought, flooding, hard play, neglect, scarification, or a combination of these factors. It contains a unique formation of humic and fulvic acids which stimulates the root growth. It contains both quick release and slow release elements to maintain a healthy green lawn. Recovery is safe for children and pets but like all fertilisers, pets should not eat it. It is perfectly safe to add grass clippings to the compost heap. Recovery is the ideal feed to apply to newly laid turf, or to a lawn that has been scarified. It actively stimulates that grassroots to produce a stronger plant, fill in any bare patches and stifle weeds and moss. Available in three sizes: 4kg – 80m², 10kg – 200m² or 20kg – 400m². N-P-K 6-13 (+3).

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