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Grazers G1 Animal Deterrent

An easy, effective solution to damage caused by grazing rabbits, deer, pigeons and geese. Applied to the foliage of any growing plant where it is taken in systemically (absorbed by the plant). Because it is nutrient-based, it can be sprayed safely on ornamentals, shrubs, roses, bedding plants, fruit, vegetable, salad crops and lawns. Also effective against mice & voles eating seedlings and against squirrels eating young fruit in orchards. It can be simply mixed and sprayed onto the areas you wish to protect. It’s completely safe to use on edible crops, is odourless to the human nose, and safe for people, pets, plants & the planet. A single treatment lasts for up to 6 weeks. Available in three sizes: 750ml ready to use spray bottle treats up to 30m²; 375ml concentrate bottle treats up to 1000m²; 750ml concentrate bottle treats up to 2000m².  

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