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Pest XT Solar U/Sonic Flash Repeller

Pest XT Solar U/Sonic Flash Repeller This revolutionary pest repeller is a ?must-have? for keeping your nourished and beautiful garden protected from unwanted pests! With the simple and energy-efficient solar-powered panel, the included batteries will naturally charge themselves day and night, without having any fiddly wires involved! A highly intelligent motion sensor is the key to this astounding piece of garden equipment, that can effectively detect warm-bodied animals for up to 9 meters away, within 70 square meters! When the sensor is triggered, it will release a flash of light and ultrasonic sounds to repel the unwanted pests, in a safe and risk-free way, leaving no damage to your garden or the animal! Dimensions: H36 x W9.5 x D6.2cm Weight: 303.6g Requires 3 x AA rechargeable Ni-MH batteries (included) Frequency: 13.5 ? 45.5 KHz Area: 70 square metres 5 LEDs functional levels, these are: 13.5KHz ? 19.5KHz 19.5KHz ? 24.5KHz 24.5KHz ? 45.5KHz 1 Pack

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