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Pest XT Battery Indoor Repeller

Pest XT Battery Indoor Repeller If your house is a spot for creepy crawlies and small pests, we have the solution with this indoor pest repeller! Using 9V batteries that will last between 60-70 days without changing, this battery-operated repeller continuously releases ultrasonic sounds every 4 seconds that cannot be heard by human ears! The high pitch frequency ranges from 25,000Hz to 40,000Hz which will effectively irritate small pests and insects, naturally driving them away! There is a small red light that will flash when the ultrasonic sound is playing, so you will be aware of it is working or not! Dimensions: L99 x W99 x D23mm Weight: 77g Frequency: 25 ? 40KHz Maximum area: 232m² 2 x 9V batteries (not included)

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