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Pest XT 4-In-1 Indoor U/Sonic Repell

The Pest XT 4-in-1 indoor pest repeller works in all manner of ways to keep your home free of critters, free of mice and free of moths too. Simply plug in the device where there has been pest activity and it will get to work. Electromagnetic It is quite common for pests to live in hidden nooks and crannies about your home. The electromagnetic technology in the device creates a field which will affect the nervous system of pests, and thus, drive them outside. Ultrasound Using high frequency, short wavelength soundwaves, which are inaudible to humans, also causes mass irritation to pests. And where will they go? Outside! Air ionisation Built in to the pest repeller is an air ioniser, which helps remove bacteria and harmful microbes from the air. Green light Designed to confuse small rodents, such as rats or mice, this light is a safe and humane way of deterring uninvited creatures from entering your domain. Measures: H11cm x W8cm This product comes with a 60 day effectiveness guarantee. If you?re not satisfied with the performance of this product, return it to us within 60 days in its original packaging and we?ll refund the cost of the product. Customer is responsible for arranging and paying for return of goods, if product has been supplied correctly and not faulty.

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