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Tabletop 5 Cascading Bowls Water Feature

Serenity Cascading Five Bowl Water Feature Create a beautiful focal point in your garden and outdoor space with this eye-catching cascading bowl water feature from Serenity. The grey textured bowls vary in size and allow the water to cascade from the smallest bowl at the top down through a further three bowls until it reaches the base bowl where it is recycled and pumped back up to the top to offer a continuous flow. Constructed from lightweight and durable weatherproof polyresin that will not rust or crack. It will excite your eyes and ears as you listen to the gentle trickle of water flowing. By night it is transformed with the LED?s lighting the base bowl and illuminating the cascading water flow. The water feature is self-contained, making it great for those without a mains water supply through their garden or courtyard. Simply fill the basin with water and the hidden pump will recycle it continually. The pump carries the water up to the top of each sphere and then it cascades back down in a continuous cycle. Constructed from durable weatherproof polyresin to help prevent frost damage and cracking. Specifications Dimensions: W23 x D20 x H35cm Weight: 11kg Power cable length: 2m Mains-powered 12-month guarantee

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