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Clematis Winter Beauty

Clematis Winter beauty – Clematis plant This winter flowering variety of Clematis is a well loved specimen by many. It grows to an astonishing height of 4m, with a spread of around 1.2m! It’s bright green leaflets always have a fresh sheen to them even throughout the frosty weather, adding that colour to your outdoor space that lifts your mood through the grey Wintery days. Clematis ‘Winter Beauty’ is easy to care for and enjoys a warm, sheltered spot to grow to its best. This Old man’s beard will look great twirling along fences and up sunny walls, it even sit’s well on a patio grown in a container. It’s beautiful flowers in mini hat shapes, coloured in a waxy white will appear in December, January and February – it is best planted against a sunny wall so you can appreciate the view of Wintery flowers from your window whilst being tucked up inside.

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