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Citrus Tree – Lemon Eureka

Citrus Plant – Lemon Eureka Perfect for your G&T! This citrus plant is an excellent lemon variety that also has a great tolerance to low temperatures. Producing beautiful glossy, dark green foliage this plant will definitely look amazing planted in your garden. Whilst producing beautiful green foliage and fruit would be enough, this plant also produces stunning white flowers that have a strong iconic scent, making them perfect to grow in your conservatory so you can benefit from that beautiful smell indoors. They are hardy in most parts of the UK (to -5°C), so although they make beautiful specimen plants in a conservatory, they can also be grown in a well-drained pot in a sheltered spot outdoors! The lemon fruit that this plant produces are large in size and thick skinned. They have the most amazing flavour and will work beautifully in a gin & tonic or two. Try using them to make lemon curd too! As this plant is supplied as a large specimen in a 5-litre pot, it will begin to produce fruit within 18 months. Plants dispatch from 40cm – 60cm tall. Looking after your Citrus Plant – Grapefruit Citrus trees are surprisingly hardy, tolerating temperatures down to -5°C and will thrive in most gardens given a warm sunny position. In the UK they are probably best grown in a large pot or other suitable container as this will allow them to be moved as conditions dictate. Citrus Trees will not however tolerate wet conditions and water-logging for any length of time will usually result in the loss of a plant. For this reason they should be grown in very free draining soil or compost. For more Growing Information view our Citrus Trees Growing Guide Citrus Tree Food To keep your citrus plants green and healthy, and in top fruiting form, feed them all year. In summer they’ll appreciate our high nitrogen feed, and in winter our more balanced feed to help flowers and fruit. Simply dissolve in water and apply. Discover the range of Citrus Tree Food Here

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