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Cityjungle with Trellis / Cover

Cityjungle with Trellis / Cover Cityjungle with Trellis – This self-watering city garden is perfect for vegetables, flowers and herbs but also features a trellis for growing tomatoes, cucumbers and vines. Placed in a sunny situation on a patio, terrace or rooftop. A generous 34 litre soil capacity covering an area 1/4 metre square making it a space-efficient way of providing you with fresh produce. A built-in 17 litre water reservoir make watering simple. Dimensions H 161cm x W 62cm x D 33cm. (Container height without trellis 31cm). Easy to assemble. Why not add a City Jungle cover to protect. Cityjungle Cover – This Poly cover fits City Jungle frame perfectly. 130cm x 73 x 62. Product Details: Stand not included.

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