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Rapid Green Self-Repairing Lawn Seed

An innovative and unique new lawn seed that truly is the all-in-one solution to achieving the perfect lawn! Self-repairs in just 7-10 days! Rhizomes and stolons on the roots multiply to create a strong mesh which fuels each blade of grass to regenerate, allowing damaged areas to repair themselves! (PLEASE NOTE: UK delivery only.) Covers 24 square metres for a new lawn or 30 square metres for a lawn repair. All-in-one solution to the perfect lawn! How does it work? The root system for each blade of grass not only grows deep down into the soil to soak up all the delicious nutrients, but it also grows across too. Each of these roots then grows its own super-strong root system that does the same again and again, producing a powerful root mesh. This gives you a lush, thick, even lawn that has a high tolerance to drought and even the most enthusiastic children and pets! Does it really repair itself? YES! The powerful root mesh that fuels each blade of grass means that where an area of lawn has been over used or worn away, the roots are strong enough to regenerate it. They jump into action and promote new lawn growth in the problem area within 7-10 days! If you’re tired of repairing the same old patch of lawn over and over again then Rapid Green Self-Repairing Lawn Seed will eliminate any need for patch repairs! Problem area? Simply leave the problem area unused and within 7-10 days you will start to see the lawn re-growing and repairing itself! Self-Repairing lawn seed …. Self-repairing – once established, any problem areas will re-grow within 7-10 days eliminating the need for patch repairs! Self-fertilising – each seed is coated in seaweed extract for extra quick growth Low maintenance – the grass is a low growing variety that will provide you with a beautiful thick lawn that will need less mowing! Less mowing – because the grass needs less maintenance than a conventional lawn you will use less energy Fewer grass cuttings to dispose of Drought tolerance Trample and tear resistance

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