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Garden Grow Weed Control Fleece

This weed control fleece from Garden Grow will help to keep your plants protected all year round, putting an end to out of control, unsightly weeds. This is an ideal alternative to using expensive and potentially harmful chemicals that may damage the environment. Instead, you are helping to develop an excellent, nutrient-rich soil for your plants to thrive in whilst controlling weeds. Using weed control fleece helps to prevent unwanted growth from occurring under decking, driveways, garden paths and gravelled areas. It is a cheap, long-term solution that will also help to keep your soil warm and improve water retention. This fleece will also help to protect against ground frost, increasing your chances of producing plants with healthy growth, even over the colder months. In the summer months, it will help to prevent soil from drying out. Specification Dimensions: W1 x L10m

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