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Garden Grow Rotating Composter

Garden Gear Rotating Composter You can create your own nutrient-rich compost from the comfort of your home with this innovative rotating composter from Garden Grow. This composter features two compartments ideal for batch composting, allowing you to incorporate raw materials into one compartment until it’s full, and then continue onto the second chamber. For the best results, mix moist greens with dry browns. Greens include kitchen scraps, grass clippings and plants, whilst browns include leaves, hay, sawdust, twigs and cardboard. Because of the fantastic rotating capability, this composter will mix the materials and keep the composting process active and going. For best results, we recommend rotating the composter 5-10 times every two or three days. In the correct conditions, with enough sunlight and warmth, the composting process will take approximately 2-8 weeks. Composting is one of the best ways to save money and reduce your household and garden waste. Helping the environment as you go! Batch composting; The 2 compartments allow you to create compost in batche. Large capacity; 160-litre capacity, each compartment holds 80 litres. Durable; Strong and durable construction, great for use all year round. Easy to assemble; Full assembly instructions are provided in the manual. Guarantee; 24-month guarantee. Specification: Base dimensions: L71 x W64.5cm Unit height: 96.6cm Container diameter: 65.4cm Weight: 10.44kg Capacity: 160L Self-assembly required

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