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Garden Grow 47 piece Propagation Kit

Garden Grow 47 piece Propagation Kit has everything you need to sow your seeds and pot them up. It includes a large seed tray for sowing small seeds which comes with a lid to raise humidity and promote germination. There is also a modular, 10 cell seed tray for larger seeds which are best sown individually or for pricking out small seedlings. The dibber and shovel/fork are perfect for pricking out and potting up without causing damage to stems and roots. Labels and pencil are included as well. The biodegradable pots are suitable for planting straight into the ground allowing minimal root disturbance and quick establishment of your plants. They can be added to the compost heap after use. Garden Grow 47 piece Propagation Kit comprises: 1 tray. Size: 37cm x 23cm x 5.5cm (15” x 9” x 2”).1 lid for tray. Size: 39cm x 25cm x 8.5cm (15” x 10” x 3”)2 x 10 cell biodegradable seed tray. Size: 21.5cm x 8cm (8” x 3”)20 x biodegradable pots. Size: 6.6cm (3”)10 x plastic T-labels. Size: 15cm x 5.6cm (6” x 2”)10 x plastic plant labels. Size: :12cm x 1.3cm (5” x ½”)1 pencil1 plastic dibber1 plastic fork/shovel

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