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Eucalyptus Gunnii (Patio Standard)

Eucalyptus Gunnii (Patio Standard) – Cider Gum Tree This elegant and eye-catching evergreen is also well known as a Cider Gum tree. Eucalyptus gunnii boasts rounded, colourful silver-blue new foliage which becomes slightly more elliptical and turns shades of grey, blue and green as it matures. Stems of eucalyptus leaves are perfect for adding to cut flower arrangements, to bring texture or act as a backdrop. You can prune this striking, hardy evergreen into an attractive shrub, or alternatively, let it to grow into a spectacular tree. The flaking bark reveals unique shapes and patterns on the main trunk of mature specimens. Height: Up to 25m (80ft) if not pruned. Spread: Up to 10m (32ft) if not pruned. Standard clear stem height: 30cm, Head size: 30-40cm.

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