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Volcanic Rock Dust

Nature’s Soil and Compost Regenerator and tonic for worms. 100% freshly crushed, ancient, mineral-rich volcanic rock dust from Scotland. MINERALS and TRACE ELEMENTS often referred to as the foundation of health, are the smallest of soil’s 5 components. They are in decline in our diets. Many NPK (nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium) fertilisers are known to damage the soil’s LIVING ORGANISMS, but plants need these LIVING ORGANISMS to release the soil’s MINERALS and TRACE ELEMENTS. Without MINERALS and TRACE ELEMENTS plants, like us, become weak. Plants are then given what can be toxic pesticides and herbicides to help them grow. volcanic rock dust contains a vast range of MINERALS and TRACE ELEMENTS in their natural form i.e. what LIVING ORGANISMS and plants need for good health. We can learn from volcanic soil. Soil close to geologically recent volcanic activity is often found to be very rich and productive.  

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