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Tiger Nuts

Purchase your garden ready plugs here at Dobies in packs of 12 and start growing your own tiger nuts today. Tiger nuts are an easy to grow grass that produces masses of intensely sweet tubers (not actual ?nuts?). They are bigger than peanuts, tasting like almonds and coconut. They are easiest grown in a container. When you receive your plants, just pot them up into a container that is 10-12 large. Use a good quality compost and put some gravel at the bottom for good drainage. Keep the plants watered and feed with seaweed. Move your pots outside after the last frost and keep them in a sunny spot, alternatively they can be grown in a greenhouse or tunnel. The nuts are ready to harvest when the grass dies back naturally in the late autumn. Turn your pot upside down and shake off all the soil, then wash them thoroughly before eating. You can use the nuts fresh or dry them for later use. They can be chopped and added to any dish, they are great for smoothies or to make nut milk and nut butters. You can rehydrate them by soaking them for 24 hours. Perfect to use as a nut-free peanut alternative.

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