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Hosta Plant – Blue Mouse Ears

Hosta Plant – Blue Mouse Ears A wonderful plant in both sight and touch, Hosta Blue Mouse Ears produces large, sturdy, blue-green leaves with a soft surface. Well-rounded in shape and miniature in size, this neat little plant suits container life in a rich and fertile soil. From June to July, expect pale purple, bell-shaped flowers to spring through the foliage on proportionally short spikes. You’ll be pleased to know that this suits a range of locations, from full sun, to partial shade, and even full shade. It’s a truly versatile Hosta – and it’s hardy, too! Hostas are one of the best plants for fabulous foliage, with a wide range of leaf shapes, sizes and colours to suit every taste. Hosta Blue Mouse Ears with its sturdy, blue-green leaves, well-rounded shape and miniature in size. These herbaceous perennials thrive in spots where other plants don’t; they’re easy to grow and long-lived, bringing swathes of lush and interesting colour. They’re shade tolerant, growing best in filtered shade, so will lift the look of damp and dark borders or wooded areas, where their flowers will add a pop of colour.

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