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Kale Rainbow Candy Crush

Kale Rainbow Candy Crush A delicious edible ornamental! Taking over a decade to create this unbelievable plant, the Brassica Breeding Programme took over 40,000 labour hours! The Kale Rainbow Candy Crush has new growth as a vibrant fluorescent pink colour, where older leaves remain a traditional, luscious green. Plants hold well in the ground, keeping their stunning pink colour for months, so perfect for ornamental purposes as well as making you veg plot look amazing!  Bred to produce significantly more leaves than any other kale for its height, with a reduced space between the leaf internodes. It’s not just a good looker, this kale is also crispy and tasty, perfect to add to salads raw, blitzed in a smoothie or steamed to produce delicious cooked leaves which stay dark purple. – High in antioxidants and rich anthocyanins, which are reported to help prevent cell damage. Perfect to make healthy kale crisps, simply toss with some oil, salt and pepper, then bake until crisp.

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