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Hydrangea Serrata Plant – Hydrantea

Hydrangea Serrata Hydrantea It says it in the name, why not grow your own low calorie, naturally sweet tea with Hydrangea Serrata ‘Hydrantea’ plants from home! This attractive hardy shrub has been used in Japan for making delicious herbal brews for many years. Also widely known as Amacha, this sweet flavoured tea is made from the dried leaves of Hydrangea Serrata. Once harvested, the leaves are left to dry in the sun before crushing and re-drying to create flavoursome tea leaves.  The sweetness of the tea comes from the leaves’ phyllodulcin content – a natural sweetener that is found in the Hydrangea plant, which is approximately 200 times sweeter than sugar! This makes a great alternative to shop-bought standard caffeinated tea, and it has zero calories too! If you have a sweet tooth, then this is a shrub for you! Hydrangea Serrata ‘Hydrantea’ not only tastes great but is super easy to grow and makes a show-stopping addition to ornamental borders. It boasts huge lace-cap flowers that develop into a pink to mauve-blue dependent on the PH of your soil. Both colours develop into excellent blooms, which brings colour and interest to your outdoor space. With a neat and compact habit, this versatile shrub can also work well in a lightly shaded border or busts to life in a patio container. Mature height and spread: 100cm (39).

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