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Cauliflower Trio Mixed

Cauliflower Plants – Tri-colour Collection Vibrant colours with superb taste! These superb tri-colour cauliflowers are as delicious as they are attractive. Cauliflowers are a dynamic vegetable packed full of vital vitamins and minerals. You can enjoy cauliflower raw, steamed, or boiled. Add this delicious vegetable to your favourite cauliflower cheese recipe or why not try a creamy cauliflower curry, a delicious alternative to chicken. This Tri-Colour Collection will add an unexpected splash of colour to the dinner table! The mix contains three F1 varieties (21 plants – 7 of each variety): Purple Grafitti: A quick-maturing variety with a long harvest season whose purple colour is due to anthocyanins – A useful source of antioxidants. Emeraude: An attractive and nutritious cauliflower with bright green curds. Sunset:Beautiful orange curds, that are bound to dd a splash of colour to the dinner table! Caring for your Cauliflower plants Plant firmly in a firm soil, 45cm (18") between plants and 60cm (24") between rows. Keep well watered especially in the early stages to prevent the formation of small heads. Bend some of the large leaves over the head to protect it from the sun.

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