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Camellia 1001 Summer Nights Jasmine

This magnificent variety was discovered in 1985 in Guangdong, China, and bred by Mr. Gao Jiyin and his colleagues. It was named for its unusual azalea-like leaves and unlike most camellias flowering in spring, this new variety is at its best in mid summer. Protecting the genetic pool for the future! Only 3 plants have been found growing in the wild of this variety of camellia (Gunangdong). Having realised it was a brand-new species which required unique and damp growing conditions in order to propagate in the wild, protecting the genetic pool for the future has never been more important. Growing to be a neat and compact, this camellia is perfect for container planting, where the ruffled red blooms are continuous from May to October. It makes an eye-catching feature for any garden and thrives in the sun or partial shade. However, growing this camellia wasn’t always this easy at the beginning stages. This species originally would not grow well in regions that cannot provide the hot and humid conditions of its home ground. A hybridisation project commenced two decades ago to combine the summer-blooming genetics of C.azalea with those of other camellias to allow it to be a lot more garden-friendly in temperate climates. Therefore, ‘Camellia 1001 Summer Nights Jasmine’ is the first to emerge of a new (hybrid) camellia family that is on the commercial market. However, we certainly do not feel this is the last to come! Height and spread: 250cm (98).

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